Yes! There are openings for PhD students in my group for Spring 2024 and Fall 2024!

Interested students should apply to the graduate school at Cornell in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering under “Structural Engineering” and list my name.

If you are an undergraduate student already enrolled at Cornell University, please send me an email if you are interested in doing research with my group!

December 2022: Postdoc Opening (Update: This position has been filled) 

There is an upcoming opening in my group for a postdoc position! Interested candidates should email me (sn599@cornell.edu) their CV and a cover letter with title: “Postdoc – Magnetorheology”. Reviews will be on a rolling basis.

Magneto-rheology is an effective approach to achieve ‘flow-on-demand’ and ‘set-on-demand’ in real-time. In my postdoc I previously worked on the use of magneto-rheology for improving the displacement efficiency and reducing emissions during cementing of subsurface wells. In the current funded project, we will be focusing on applying magneto-rheology to applications relevant to civil infrastructure.