If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student already enrolled at Cornell, please contact me to discuss research opportunities.

Applying to Graduate School:

Students interested in pursuing a PhD in the Nair group should apply to the graduate school at Cornell University in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering under “Structural Engineering“. The best way for me to notice your application is for you to select my name when you submit your application. I get multiple emails a day requesting to work with me and I am unable to respond to all emails.

Please contact our Assistant Director of Graduate Program, Melissa Totman at cee_grad@cornell.edu . She can answer questions you have about the application process and share details about how to access an application fee waiver, should you require one.

CEE has a frequently asked questions page (FAQ) here: https://www.cee.cornell.edu/cee/programs/graduate-programs/faqs-graduate

Good luck with your application process.